Surfers Paradise Vacation

So, I know what your thinking...who needs a vacation when your in Australia! But, if you knew where i had to live, Kingswood, its like the Scarbrough of Australia...and we all know what thats like! So, we made a goup decision that we needed to get away for a week to see a little Australia, and relax before finals! We got a great deal on the hotel room, and an even better deal on the flight. Of course, we were expecting the hotel to be a bit of a dive, but to our surprise it was far from that!
We found ourselves in this beautiful two bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, bar (essential!), living room, two balcony apartment....with the most amazing view of the ocean...we were all in shock!
let's just say we settles in rather quickly, and they literally had to drag me out of the place! It was about three block walk to downtown Surfers and across the street from the beach...I fell in love...seriously!
So we spent the week on the beach, sauna, pool, travelling was great. Spent a day in Brisbane and a day in Byron Bay...both great places! The week flew by, but it was the most fabulous vacation...made me very excited for the next trip where i get to really experience the coast...Enjoy...


Residence Formal Dinner

Well, we had a formal dinner in Syndey the last week of school. Everyone from residence went, got all dressed up and went to this really nice place in the city. The dinner was very good, with complimentary wine which was fine by me! Then they had a cool slideshow of some photos of the year, and then just a little dnacing and we headed back home. It was a very fun night!!

Thanksgiving Dinner

This was my first Thanksgiving away from Canada, so it was quite a shock! Apparently, aussies have no idea what Thanksgiving is, nor do they celebrate it. So I took on the role of showing the aussies what it was all about...well Mike and I both. So, spent the day, or a few hours, cooking stuffing, potatoes, turkey...everything except pumpkin pie...that was a little out of my league. Then I invited about 8 people over to my house for the big feast. There were three Canadians, so we tried and explain everything to the others...from Germany, Norway and Isreal. It was pretty cool, they of course LOVED the food! So all in all, a pretty successful first Thanksgiving on my own...lets say, I have a much better apprecitation for my mom's Thanksgiving, I'm not doing that again for a couple years...

My House Down Under

These are just some pictures of myhouse down here. We are pretty much in the middle of nowehere, so its not that exciting, but luckily I have fabulous roomates. And Edith St. is definitly the bast place to live, its a townhouse complex with all students, so all my friends live just next door. Great times...Enjoy!

Surfing at Manly

So after two days of surfing, or attempting to surf, I think maybe I can finally start to get the hang of it. I did manage to get up for an entire 4.5 seconds, really a huge improvement. With many surfing days ahead, I am ready to master this Australian skill. Manly is a great beach, however I might broaden my surfing horizon and explore the Gold Coast, and possibly a couple other local beaches. I'll keep you updated on the are some pictures from the two days we did spend there.

The Sydney Aquarium

We spent a rainy Sunday night down in Darling Harbour, and decided to explore the Aquairum for a few hours. Of course, they have a huge display of Finding Nemo, which pretty much made my week. So,we got to seelots of cool fish, sharks, Nemo and of course Dori. I avoided all spiders and snakes because obviously, I've seen enough of them already! Here are some pictures. I went with Jogier, and a couple from Israel, Noga (the girl) and Alex (tall, long hair). It was a blast...enjoy!

Joegier and Me Me kissing the fish Platypus

The Spider

So, within the first couple weeks here, of course I get to see this! Jogier found this spider in his house, crawling along the window ledge of his room! Apparently, they try and get in and nest into your bedding and clothes...yummy. So, luckily we haven't found one in our house yet, but I know it'll be in my room, in my shoe or something. And this spider luckily isn't one of the poisonous ones, but apparently it does bite and it is really painful if they really, might as well be poisonous as far as I'm concerned!


After taking many adventures into the city, I finally have started to feel like I know where to go, and I know what I want to see. I had the grand tour when Dustin was visiting, got to know where the places to be are, from a students point of view! I've spent a lot of time in Darling Harbour, seeing all the trendy little bars, and just taking the ferry up through the Sydney Harbour. The Opera House is an amazing building, and the Sydney Bridge is pretty cool. All in all, Sydney is a pretty fabulous city!

Dustin's Visit

We did the coastal walk to Coogee and saw this unbelievale graveyard. It went all the way up the hill was probably a kilometer long. It was amazing to see.

Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves

Blue Mountains

My first tourist trip being down in Australia was to the Blue Mountains and into the Jenolan Caves. This was one of my frist weekends here, and this is the dreaded weekend were I saw snow. Yes, and we had to leave early because they were worried that the roads would ice over...haha, really just what I wanted! But the caves were absolutley beautiful, and the Blue Mountains are quite a site to see.

These are pictures from hiking up in the Blue Mountains. The Three Sisters, those three rocks together, are a very famous tourist attraction. They were absolutly beautiful to see. It is called the Blue Mountains because the mountains are all covered with Eucalyptus trees, which creates a haze over the moutains, giving them the appearance of being 'blue' from a distance.

Jenolan Caves

We went in the Lucas Cave for an hour tour. There was as section where they hold weddings and other ceremonies. And they have this sound system set up, so the tour guide played some music and the acoustics in the caves were unbelievable! It was absolutly amazing to hear how it changed the affect of the music...I sat there for about 10 minutes just listening, it was amazing!

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